Pig Creek Quarter Horses: Training
Hi, I'm Charlie White, and I'd like to take a minute to tell you a little about my philosophy concerning training horses.

Groundwork is important in laying a good foundation.

I got my first ranch job in the Texas Panhandle at age 19. That spring we gathered the 2 year old colts to halter break, castrate and break. Very quickly I decided that surely there was a better way to communicate with horses.


Preacher owned by Fred & Jane Brigman,
San Angelo, Texas
Its' been a 20 year journey to gain horse sense through my personal experiences and gleaning some knowledge from every available resource.

preacher 3

Colts should stand quietly and accept the saddle.

preacher 4
Practicing flexibility.

You can learn something from everyone you encounter in life; some things you want to do and some things you don't want to do.

preacher 5

Moving out quiet and easy!

redhead 1
Redhead owned by David & Joan Bonham,
San Antonio, Texas

redhead 2

A little further along!

redhead 3
A trusting relationship.

Working with horses has enriched my life. Developing a good trusting relationship between horse and human takes time and patience. Training is a step by step process allowing each individual horse to learn at his own pace.
The horse will always let you know what he needs, it's just a matter of being able to understand him.
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4/10/2003 Monahans News


UPDATED 5/6/2005!!

UPDATED 5/6/2005!!

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